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Original post (Rod, Dec 17th, 2014, 02:13am):

  • Here is a little task for the seasonal break. Write a program using Liberty BASIC 4.50 beta 3 that will list the names of all variables used in any program submitted to it. The list can be a simple list or something more ordered its up to you.

  • This will help beta test our new version of Liberty. Code should be ready for the first week of the new year.


by MKnarr

  • I would like to submit a program I wrote several years ago in LB 4.04 and have now saved it with version 4.5 beta 3. It includes string and numeric reserved > keywords words that are new in version 4.5.

  • It not only finds all the string and numeracy variables in any program but arrays, handles, labels, goto, gosub and subs and function names.

  • It is in a zip file because it contains bitmaps etc.

Entry by Rod

  • I'm travelling soon and out of time. This has bugs but the task is for fun, it shows you can do a lot for yourself. I hope to see how other folks have tackled it. Save the code as varlist.bas and it will analyse itself.

Entry by tsh73

  • It's got too big to put it on a forum. Actually, I tried to do a tokenizer so it figures out all things including numbers and strings. But after figuring things out it outputs only things that relevant to this task (variables, subs/user functions, labels).
  • Uses keyword list etc from Rod's entry.