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Announcing a New Contest -- Make that CONTESTS!

This contest will be a series of three Novice to Intermediate Challenges all leading up to the Master Challenge.

You are all invited to participate in this contest. The goal is to create some educational games designed to teach and reinforce learning of the good old USA.

Starting tomorrow, a new contest will be announced every 4 weeks. Be sure to watch this thread for the official announcement and prize for each contest as they get started.

The schedule:
March 23, 2007: Announcement of Contest #1
April 20, 2007: Announcement of Contest #2
May 18, 2007: Announcement of Contest #3
June 15, 2007: Announcement of Master Challenge

"Why enter", you may ask? Contests and challenges are a great way to push your own programming skills to the limit. Developing a specific tool to accomplish a specific task is a fun and effective way to learn new commands and techniques. Plus, comparing your approach with others expands your horizons and adds to your own little 'bag of tricks.' Oh, and was it mentioned

That's right! Prizes will definitely be awarded to the winning entries. There will be one prize for each contest. The prizes were carefully selected to be programming - related.

How do the first three contests relate to the Master Challenge? Think of the first three contests as the preliminary rounds. You must compete in, not necessarily win, at least one of these contests to be eligible for entry into June's Master Challenge. The catch? Only native Liberty BASIC language is allowed for these first three contests. No API's. No DLL's. Save those API's and DLL's for the Master Challenge, where they will not only be welcome, but absolutely mandatory!

You must include some type of license in your submitted program. This may be public domain, open source, or your own carefully worded license. In addition, there must be instructions included on how to use your program. The license and instructions should be in the form of standard text files. The source code must be documented to exhibit your understanding of the code and all code must be your own work. In other words, lots of remarks and lots of "white space."

Who will do the voting? The Liberty BASIC Forum moderators will judge each entry based upon the merits of being a well-constructed code that's relatively bug free and follows the contest guidelines.

Get your thinking caps on, LB programmers! Contest #1 will be announced within 24 hours.

Part 1:

Design a program that will help teach the States and Capitals of The United States of America. You can make your program as small as you like or as elaborate as you like but remember, no dll's and no api's.

Special Instructions:
This contest will run from March 23 to April 20. The judging will begin on April 21 and the winner will be announced on April 28th.

The winner of this part of the contest will get:
1. Listed in the winner's hall of fame.
2. A copy of Alyce's Game Workshop.
3. Entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate.

The Grand Prize Drawing will be on June 30th and the winner will be announced that day.

Please upload your entry and all necessary files to this location:

Remember by participating in this part of the contest you will be able to enter the Master Challenge in June.

Good luck and have fun!!!!!!!!