Spreadsheet Contest

The contest is now over and Fredrik Qvarfort has won!

Recently, Gunter (gdann) posed an interesting question related to a graphical representation of a spreadsheet.
Also recently, Bill W posted a few functions finding column and row within a graphics grid. http://libertybasic.conforums.com/index.cgi?board=public&action=display&num=1157307123
It might be fun to see different approaches to designing a spreadsheet using Liberty BASIC. Here are the specifics to this contest:

The Absolutes

  • The spreadsheet must contain a GUI. The actual GUI components (graphics, textboxes, child windows, etc.) are decided by the coder.

  • The spreadsheet must contain a minimum of 5 columns and 10 rows (50 cells total). There is no maximum. You can use as many columns and rows as you'd like.

  • The spreadsheet must allow users to insert numbers into each cell.

  • The spreadsheet must be capable of at least one formula - displaying the sum of a block (either column or row) of user inputed numbers. More formulas are desirable, but this one formula (SUM) is required.

  • The spreadsheet must contain a 'viewing' area where the contents of the selected cell are seen. This 'viewing' area should show either the literal contents of the cell or the formula content of the cell.

  • The entire program must use native Liberty BASIC commands or the Windows API without add-on DLLs.

The Nice to Haves

  • New, Load and Save Options
  • Print Options
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Options
  • Text entry as well as Number entry

The Time Frame

Contest begins September 9, 2006, and ends at midnight October 31, 2006.

Selection of the Winner

The forum staff will select a winner. (Any staff members who participate in the contest will excuse themselves from the judging.)

The Prize

There are two prizes!

The winner will receive a registration for Dennis McKinney's SD DataGrid, donated by Dennis!

http: //syberden.net/

    • "SD DataGrid is a powerful grid control DLL for displaying and editing data from a variety of sources." **

Following a suggestion by Grahame King, we will be instituting a Challenge / Contest Page HERE and the winning code and coder will be added to the Winner's Hall of Fame.

Good Luck!

-The Staff of the Liberty BASIC Forum

How to Enter

Upload files by clicking the "Edit" tab at the top of the page, then click the "Images" link at the top of the editing page. An additional pane will open. Click the "Browse" button to select the file on your computer, then click the "Upload" button to upload it. Link to it on the page like this: [[file:name.ext]]

Add your entry to the list.

Note: Sean Brown's and DRock's entries were removed because their links went bad.