Slideshow - Media Player Challenge

Here are the guidelines.

  • Starts Friday, October 12, 2007.
  • Ends Sunday night, October 21.
  • Entries should be listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Program must allow user to select a MIDI file with filedialog, which will play during the slideshow.
  • Program must allow user to select an image with filedialog.
  • Program MUST use FILES command to extract the names of all image files residing in the same folder as the original image file chosen by the user.
  • Program must display all image files in folder, using a timer.
  • MIDI file must play during slideshow.
  • MIDI file should be stopped and all images unloaded when program closes.
  • Forum members will vote for their favorite program and the author will have his name added to the hall of fame on the Wiki Contest page.

Nice extras:

To create a page for your entry, edit this page and type a name in double brackets like this:
[[My Program Name]]
Save the editing of this page, then click the link for your new program page. Go to the page and edit it to add your code.