Simple Form Designer Contest

We'll mark the sixth anniversary of the forum in December, 2008. We'd like to celebrate that milestone with a contest!

The Goal

Create a simple form editor for Liberty BASIC. Freeform allows us to design a form visually, and we've had contests that asked us to improve Freeform or to create new visual designers. This one is different. A realistic display of the resulting Window is not required. We'd like to see a form editor that allows the user to complete data fields and to make choices from listboxes and comboboxes for the window and controls he'd like. The program should allow the user to generate code to create the form he has designed.

The Rules

  1. Contest begins on 6th November, 2008.
  2. Contest ends on 1st January, 2009.
  3. The Editor must consist of fields to fill in the properties of the window and the controls placed inside of it.
  4. The Editor must allow the user to add, delete and edit controls.
  5. The Editor must allow the user to save his work.
  6. The Editor must allow the user to generate and output the resulting Liberty BASIC code to create the window
  7. The entries must be written entirely in native Liberty BASIC code. No API calls will be allowed.
  8. The following features might be included:
    • a way to check for overlapping controls or controls covering up other controls
    • GUI color choices
    • preview of the created window
    • ability to align groups of controls
    • ability to cause groups of controls to have the same dimensions
    • ability to edit the Liberty BASIC code created from the GUI data
    • opening existing .BAS files to extract existing windows and change them through the editor
  9. Entries must be uploaded to the WikiSpaces Liberty BASIC Site
    • on that page you can link to your uploaded ZIP archive file
    • Entries must include the BAS file
    • Entries must not include the LB runtime files

The Prize

The Judging
  • The submitted entries will be judged by the forum staff
  • The code readability and commenting will be checked
  • The user-friendliness and usability will be checked
  • The documentation will be checked