Desktop Shell Challenge


  • Challenge begins January 6, 2007.
  • Challenge ends February 2, 2007 - on Groundhog Day.
  • Voting commences February 3 on the Liberty BASIC forum, and continues for three days. The winner will be announced on ths page and listed on the Contests page with the other contest winners.
  • A desktop shell covers the user's desktop. It contains icons or shortcuts for programs and files on his system that he uses frequently. The user must be able to specify which programs' shortcutes will be placed on the desktop. The user must be able to click on the icons or shortcuts and run the programs (or the programs associated with the files, if the shortcut is to a file.)
  • To enter, add your entry to the list of submissions below. Include a link to the page of code or to the zipped files you've uploaded to the files area.
  • Zip and upload your program's files to the files area here and include a link. If your entry contains no extra files, you can create a new page here on the wiki and paste your code into it, instead of uploading files.
  • Try to keep file sizes small -- no huge bitmap files, etc. Remember that some people have slow connections and cannot download large files easily.
  • You can use the example program at the following link as a starting point, if you'd like, or you can use any reasonable method of your own devising.
  • Do NOT include any of the SLL, DLL or runtime engine files. You may include a tokenized version of your program.
  • You MUST include the code for your entry. Source code should be compatible with Liberty BASIC 4.03, if possible.
  • Please include your name on the code. Include a license for your code. Is it to be open source? Public Domain? Are there any restrictions on its use?
  • Extras features are encouraged.


If your entry is code that will be placed on its own page here, create a link to the page by placing the name between double squared brackets like this: [[Your Entry Name]] After you've saved the editing of this page, click the link and go to your new page to edit it. Paste your code and save your edits.

If your entry is a zipped file, upload it with the wiki uploading feature and place a link to the file here. File links look like this: [[file:filename.ext]]

* List your entry here.