Science Programming in Liberty BASIC

Welcome to the Liberty Basic Science Programming Page. I hope this page will offer interested parties many ideas, solutions, and interesting LB programming code that will enrich your teaching/learning experience in the field of science. I have been a science teacher for longer than I wish to admit. I still enjoy the learning, however, and especially love writing programs in Liberty Basic that help me to get the point across, or sometimes, help me manage my classroom.

I would like to get things off to a good start by posting some code to a program I just finished today involving the spectral lines produced by quantum electron transitions.

Spectral Lines

Also- don't be shy about posting you own code or maybe a program you have been thinking about writing. This is a place for sharing information and ideas.--Scott

More Science Programs that might prove useful to science teachers and their students.

Practice Reading a Metric Ruler
Gas Laws Solver
Radioactive Decay Isotope Predictor
Specific Heat Solver
Nuclear Binding Energy Solver
Half-Life Solver
Monatomic Ions
Polyatomic ions
Ballistic Trajectory Calculator

Some Links to other sites with LB Science Programming

Jack Ord's Website- Some good LB Science related programs

A very prolific site using LB in amazing ways.

Model Rocket Flight Analysis


Rockets Page 2 (Rocket Impulse)

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for i = 1 to 10
print i