I must admit I cannot really agree with all of advice on persuading Distributors to host your LB software, having managed to persuade a number of such to host or publicise links to some 25 of my programs on various BASIC. You can find some of these by running a search for Gordon’s Freeware, as well as visiting my site. Though I do not object as being Freeware, some distributors decided to host my work even without my permission.

As you may have seen in downloading any Shareware etc, it is not strictly necessary to use an installer to create a software package, especially in view of the problems with some of the later versions of Windows in allowing software to be installed among Program Files. Many like me just provide a ZIP file containing a folder of all the files needed. If it does not confuse the creation or altering of any data files, you can simplify installing by using Iexpress provided with Windows to package all the LB runtime files needed into one file. It should not be beyond to ability of most PC users to create a Shortcut to the relevant EXE file say on the Desktop etc.

Nor should it be necessary to include Screen Capture images, especially if your software does not involve any graphics displays. In fact some distributors like Brothersoft and Softpedia sometimes provide there own images while testing software, though I did notice one altered an image to blank out the credit I always display to LB on the opening page. Some even display an image such as the Liberty Torch indicating the software used to create your software.

What is really important as suggested is a descriptive file such as Readme.txt of the purpose and benefits of you software, which is why before you consider submitting such do a number of searches among several distributors for similar software already available. It is amazing how many register cleaners are to be found, many probably not very safe. Likewise take to trouble to create a PAD file with the free software available from http://www.asp-shareware.org/ . Place a copy among your files for distributors along with another on your site. Some distributors allow you to just provide a link to such, providing it includes all necessary details such as a link where your software can be downloaded, and thus avoid the need to complete an online application form.
Gordon Sweet .