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Joseph E.

Hello, I'm Joe. Most of you probably know me from the forums as Joseph. :) I was coder of the month for December 2009, and I currently serve as a moderator for the Games & Graphics board, as well as the Novice board. I've also won a few contests/challenges while I've been a part of this wonderful community.

Feel free to drop me a comment on the discussion tab for this page.

I've made several interesting projects and articles over the years, as you'll find below. I put these here so that they can hopefully help you as much as they have helped me. :)


File Library

Some simple functions to make working with files easier. Checking if a file exists, getting the folder it's in or extracting it's name is now a simple matter.

Speech Library

An easy to use library for simple text-to-speech.

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A small, graphical game that I coded over spring break in 2014.

SubList Library

An easy to use library for storing key-value pairs in a string.

gx Graphics Library

I made this is my sleep. Just kidding. I actually spent forever researching it, and I wouldn't have been able to do it had it not been for the wonderful articles and tutorials written by the Liberty BASIC Community.

This library allows the developer to easily create 2D shapes, pictures, and text in memory and display them on the screen. It also allows for drawing bitmaps and even rotating them.

~ Something Once ~

This is my best attempt at trying to show the world how I think. I packed all my motives and love of life into this little whimsical game. I wanted to try and convey the magical dream-like qualities of life that make it so enchanting. Those that played it seem to think it worked. :)

Multiple File Selection Dialog
This dialog provides an easy, bug-free way of letting the user select multiple files.

Custom Scrollbar

I've developed a working, custom-rendered scrollbar control.

Character-Based Atomic Expression Parsing

This is for parsing code expression strings with single character and quote character delimiters. If you don't understand what that means, you most likely won't need to bother with it.

Ftp4w32.dll Wrapper

I created some functions to wrap the features in the obscure Ftp4w32.dll. This DLL (along with my functions) make FTP incredibly easy to use. As in, too easy.

Accurate Text Positioning

Liberty BASIC doesn't position text where you'd expect in a graphicsbox.
This short code sample shows you how to easily fix that problem.

AutoComplete Code Editor
This glitchy editor was created as an experiment to see if an autocomplete code-editor would be practical to make in Liberty BASIC - my conclusion: probably not. However, it demonstrates settings file usage, window positioning, and various other API calls, as well as listbox management. It's worth checking out, when it does work.


Perry Pumpkin

I created this monster in response to the Extreme Jack-O-Lantern Challenge.
As you can see, he's quite the grumpy little critter.

Font Finder DLL

Ever needed to get a list of fonts installed on a system? I did. So much so, that I wrote a DLL to do it for me, because I'm lazy like that. ;)
Anyways, click the download link to find the DLL and a simple example.

Custom Progressbar Control

I developed a simple, easy to use native progress bar for Liberty BASIC.

NightBeforeXmas.jpegNight Before Christmas
This was an animated e-card that I developed in about 14 days in-between school. It seems like just yesterday that I put it together, but
it's been quite a while. This project provided excellent experience in creating a structured file system that allowed me to create scenes based on data from other files using an engine. Technically, you could use this program to make many other virtual greeting cards.

On-Screen Keyboard

A resizable on screen keyboard I apparently made once.


Basics of Programming

This article is intended for all ages, but particularly the younger crowd who would like to learn how to program. If you're a youth-aged person, and you're interested in programming, this would be where to start.

Custom Controls in a Box

This article describes (in gory detail) how to develop a custom control by utilizing the Liberty BASIC graphicbox. It demonstrates the methods by documenting the steps needed to create a hyperlink=style control.