An Extreme Coding Challenge is a very short, intense challenge. You have only three days to complete it. Here are the guidelines.

  • Forum:
  • Starts today, September 7, 2007.
  • Ends Sunday night, September 9, 2007.
  • Post code on the forum, or upload to the Wiki.
  • Post a message on the forum when your entry is added to the wiki, or post a message on the forum containing your code.
  • Voting commences after the challenge ends. A poll will be created and forum members will have 2 days to vote.
  • The winner will be listed on the wiki Contests page.

Drawing Challenge:
  • Code must be native Liberty BASIC. No API calls allowed.
  • Program must allow the user to click a mouse button and draw freehand on a graphics area. It may be a graphicbox or a graphics window.
  • Program must allow the user to select a color.
  • Program must allow the user to select a pen size.
  • Program must allow user to save his drawing to disk with BMPSAVE.
  • Other features can be added by the challenge entrant.
Good luck!

To create a page for your entry, edit this page and type a name in double brackets like this:
[[My Program Name]]
Save the editing of this page, then click the link for your new program page. Go to the page and edit it to add your code.

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