If you want to share code for Windows API calls, use the Shared Code area. Use this page for add-on DLLs.

If you have a DLL that works with Liberty BASIC, you can upload it to this site. Please put it into a Zip file that includes the DLL and the documentation in Liberty BASIC syntax. (There is a 5 megabyte file size limit.) A sample program that uses the DLL would be nice, too.

You can also create a page for a DLL with example code and/or documentation, so that others can see how it works before taking the time to download it.

If you are having trouble making a DLL work with Liberty BASIC, put it into the DLL Help Area.

Make sure you have permission from the author to republish the DLL if it is not your own work.

  • Bay 6 Software by Brent Thorn
    • WMLiberty.DLL Window subclassing helper.
  • Free DLLs from Alyce's Restaurant
    • Image323.DLL loads images in several formats and allows many image manipulations.
    • jpeg.DLL loads images in several formats.
    • shortcut.DLL lets you place shortcuts to your program on the user's desktop and start menu.
    • printorient.DLL by Dennis McKinney allows you to set the printer page orientation.
    • lbbrowse.DLL is a custom browser control for your programs.
    • PBImage DLL by Dean Hodgson is a free DLL to load and size images.
    • LBRichEd DLL is a free DLL to add a richedit control to Liberty BASIC programs.
    • LBRTF DLL is a free DLL to add a multiple richedit controls to Liberty BASIC programs.
  • Free DLLs for LB by Dennis McKinney
    • Toolbar DLL
    • WndProc Hook dll
    • GetMsgProc Hook dll
  • Free Active X DLL and tools for LB by Dennis McKinney
  • simplepng.dll - A free and very simple DLL by Asger Gr√łnnow (Sephi) that loads and retrieves information from PNG images.
  • Simple Line/Record Counting DLL by Cassio Ferreira. 7KB DLL designed to count lines/records within text files more quickly than in native Liberty BASIC (as of v4.03). The speed improvement becomes significant when the count is in the thousands.
  • PMixer.dll - DLL to get and set mute, volume, and balance from your program like the user changes these setting in the mixer app that is included with windows. - laz laz
  • Control DLL - 8KB DLL for control text change and control text retriever. - lnenad lnenad
  • DirectX Dll For Liberty BASIC - A DirectX Dll for the 2D graphics in DirectX. You can create tile maps for use with the dll using the software program Mappy Win32.
  • Add DLL Links! Use > to indent.

Want to write your own DLLs?
  • Pelle's C -- This is a completely free C compiler. Unfortunatley, it is C, not a BASIC compiler of any kind.
  • Dev-C++ -- A completely free IDE for C and C++.
  • Dennis McKinney's DLL tutorial -- Dennis gives you step-by-step directions for writing a DLL in C that will work with Liberty BASIC.

DLL Help Area
If you need help converting code for a third-party DLL, this is the place to ask.
  • Link to DLL and help request goes here.