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Winner's Hall of Fame

  • Jack Burman has won the Card Game Contest with his version of the classic game Go Fish! Thanks to all who entered the contest and congratulations again to Jack!.
  • Stefan Pendl has won the HTML Help Search Challenge 2011 to create a program that searches the Liberty BASIC HTML help pages. Stefan's entry was professional, contained well-structured code, and provided the most flexible search parameters. All of the entries offered great options, so have a look!
  • Joseph has won the 2009 Extreme Jack-o-lantern Challenge. The voting was close and all entries caused a smile or two. Thanks everyone for participating. Check out the great graphics of all the entries. They're worth the copy, paste, and run!
  • Janet Terra won Brad Moore's Graphic Farkle Contest, but Rod Bird and cundo had entries that made the decision very difficult. Congratulations, Janet and thanks to all who entered.
  • Janet Terra won the Simple Form Designer Contest with her fantastic entry. Willie Lee and DRocks also entered wonderful programs. Great job, everybody!
  • Alyce Watson took top honors in the Valentines 2008 Sharefest challenge with her Rich Text DLLs to create controls allowing user to change fonts, size, color, etc of their text. Outstanding Job Alyce! In the spirit of the Fest Honorable Mention goes to all participants (in order of participation) : harmonv, Janet Terra, LuckyKid, mike_ukmid, John Davidson, Noble Bell, RiJoRi, and of course, Alyce, who proves good things are definitely worth the wait.
  • Harmon V is the winner of the Lesson Browser Contest. He got the choice of winning Liberty BASIC Assist or the Run BASIC Personal Server, with his entry on Analysing Text
  • brcflip2001 and Sephi and Janet Terra and Alyce are co-winners of the slideshow challenge, October, 2007.
  • JosephE has won the extreme drawing challenge with his entry, PixelPad.
  • Charles Wolf (aka snowfortbuilder) is the winner of part 2 in the Super-Duper Coding Contest. Spring 2007. Charles won a programming book by Wallace Wang and a chance in the Grand Prize drawing. Good job!!
  • Fredrik Qvarfort is the winner of part 1 in the Super-Duper Coding Contest, Spring 2007. Fredrik won a copy of Alyce's Game Workshop and a chance in the Grand Prize drawing. Congrats!!!
  • Bill W is the winner of the Desktop Shell Challenge of January/February 2007. Voting took place on the Liberty BASIC forum.
  • Fredrik Qvarfort is the winner of the Liberty BASIC Forum Spreadsheet Contest. He won a copy of Dennis McKinney's SD DataGrid.
  • Harmon V is the winner of Noble Bell's Game Contest, July 31, 2006. He won an gift certificate.
  • "LB Lite Browser v1.1" by Kevin Agorastos (Sid) won the Liberty BASIC Newsletter Browser Contest, March, 2006. His entry was featured in the newsletter.
  • Janet Terra won the Flow Charting Contest sponsored by Carl Gundel, January 2006. She won an Assist Tools add-on.


Contests are competitions with with announced winners.


Challenges are competitions that challenge our skills.