The Liberty BASIC community as well as Shoptalk Systems (the producers of Liberty BASIC) offer some top-notch tutorials. Here is a run down of many of them, although the list is probably not complete. Feel free to add to the list.

Published Books

Liberty BASIC Tutorial

An interactive tutorial for the lesson browser.
This ships with Liberty BASIC. You can access it from the Help Menu. It is an interactive tutorial. The table of contents is listed on the left side. Explanations are at the top right, and code is on the bottom right. This all appears right in the Liberty BASIC editor lesson browser. You can read the comments, then run the code. You can even modify the code right in the lesson browser and run it again to see the results. You can edit the comments as well, and even add your own sections to the tutorials. Good stuff! This tutorial was written by Carl Gundel, the author of Liberty BASIC and it was used by Ziff Davis University to teach programming.

If you've lost your LSN file, or if you've modified your version and want to have the original,
you can download it here:
and here is a Dutch version

Lesson Browser

Examples from a Liberty BASIC workshop class. These don't compete in the LSN contest.

Tutorials written for the lesson browser are listed here.

Online Resources

Archives (for historical reasons)

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