Announcements about Liberty BASIC-related software and websites.

December 31, 2007 - Run BASIC to be released!
Run BASIC ( is finally ready for release! It's going to be released sometime this weekend (weekend of January 5/6, 2007). Read all about it here.

June, 2006 - Liberty BASIC 5 for Linux!
Have you seen the screenshots for LB5 for Linux? Carl says that testing will begin soon. Have a look here:

The Liberty Basic Programmer's Encylopedia has been launched!

This is the grand opening of the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encylopedia which succeeds the Liberty Basic Newsletter which saw its last issue published in April 2006.

"...But what happened to the newsletter, and why an Encyclopedia?" you ask.

Well, first - the newsletters have not (and are not) going away. Bill Beasley still graciously hosts them HERE and you can always find them on line at the original Yahoo site as well. You find that we migrate some of the really great information to this forum.

But why an Encyclopedia? As the newsletter editors discussed the future and our vision for the next generation technical journal, we came to realize that we did not want a "journal". We have been publishing the newsletter for several years on a monthly basis, almost regularly at the end of the month. While this was nice for organization and it built community anticipation, it did not lend itself well to categorizing, searching or management by the staff. What we really wanted was something more like Wikipedia for Liberty Basic.

The advantages to the Wikipedia format for folks looking up information about diverse topics (over something like a giant stack of National Geographic magazines) is the categorization and simple search features. While the stack of National Geographic magazines might have the same information as Wikipedia, it certainly is not as easy to find. There is a second advantage, and that is freedom to publish when there is material to be published and to make that publication a more collaborative process with the author. The final advantage is timeliness of the information. In the newsletter older issues had great articles, but they applied to earlier releases of Liberty Basic and at times were incompatible with the current version. We did not have a simple mechanism to go back and keep these all up to date. We are hoping that the more dynamic nature of the wiki format will allow us to do exactly that, making a more useful and ageless knowledge base for future LB programmers

So here we are - May 1, 2006. The first official articles have been uploaded. The site is officially open! Please plan to visit the Liberty Basic Programmer's Encylopedia. Browse around, kick the tires, let us know what you think!

Announcing the February 2006 Liberty Basic Newsletter issue release.

Read online:
Download archive:

In this issue:
  • Tip Corner: A Guide to ByRef - by Brad Moore
  • API Corner:Revised File Download - by Alyce Watson
  • Working with Strings - Part 3 - by Brad Moore
  • Stylebits Corner: Dialogs - by Janet Terra
  • Eddie's Lessons, version 10 Customizing the Syntax Colors - by Alyce Watson
  • Liberty Basic Wiki, A Review - by Brad Moore
  • Using a Preprocessor With LB - by Rich Ries
  • Find Folder - by Stefan Pendl
  • Managing Multiple Listboxes - by Brad Moore

April 6th, 2006 - Carl Gundel has been invited to present his work on a new BASIC compiler to the New York City Smalltalk User's Group. Attendees will get a sneak peek at Liberty BASIC 5 and the new BASIC as well, and will also learn something about Smalltalk.