This article is only valid for LB 4.04 and above

Some of you have already wondered how one would access the code backups on Vista and above.
Below find a simple and effective solution.

  1. Select Setup => External Programs from the editor menu bar
  2. Hit the New button
  3. Enter Source Code Backups as the program name
  4. Now enter explorer.exe /e,"$USERDATAbak" as the program file name
  5. Close the dialog
  6. Accept the notice about the editor needing a restart
  7. Restart the editor

Now select Run => Source Code Backups from the editor menu bar.

You will be presented with an explorer window displaying the backups created automatically by the editor if you run or debug a program.

This is a quick way to find the last saved version of your last executed program, without the need to navigate through the folder structure of the hidden application data folder.