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This Wiki site was created and is managed by the moderators of the Liberty BASIC Community Forum to provide a place for Liberty BASIC programmers to meet, support one another, exchange ideas and share the wealth of knowledge that exists. Join us and help form a community! Everybody can read the content on the site, but it can be edited only by members.

Public pages can be edited by all members. We ask that members refrain from changing the member pages of other members. Instead, use the discussion feature to comment, suggest changes, etc. Please leave the main page editing to the organizers. Thanks!

For general discussion register at the Liberty BASIC Community Forum

License for this site: Creative Commons License 2.5


If you'd like to join the site, click the "Join this space" link on the left navigation bar, or click HERE. One of the organizers will need to approve your application, and then you're good to go! You'll need to create a username. Please consider using a name, rather than a nickname. See Using Real Names on Wikis

Once you've joined, feel free to create a page for yourself and add it to the Member Pages list. Use your page to act as a launch pad for all of your other pages on the site. Feel free to create pages to share code, write tips and information, tell us about yourself, and have fun!

What is a Wiki?

Have a look at the WikiSpaces home page to learn about Wikis. A Wiki is a site that can be edited by all members. You can modify existing pages or create new ones. You can upload files and pictures. You can comment on pages by clicking the discussion link at the top of any page.

To learn how to use WikiText markup to edit site content, click HERE. You don't need to know WikiText, though. Just modify your settings so that you use the visual page editor! If you want to try some editing in a safe place where you can do no harm, play in the Sandbox. We also have a page to discuss Using the Wiki.