Program SP02 will plot a structure from data on the input file. In this case the data corresponds to SP02 itself, and SP02 plots its own structure. Then, as it says in the examination, compare and contrast program and structure plot.

The aim is to test the water, and see if there is any interest in this method of programming.

If there is no interest, then it will serve as a memorial to a dated method of coding.

The attached 16KB zipped file contains LB program SP02, and the text data file.

After separating program and data, alter the file path at the beginning of SP02 to show where the data is held, but leave the line PROG.NAME$="SP02" unchanged.

The 10 page structure plot is printed on an EPSOM SX105 inkjet printer, or equivalent. i.e. 360DPI x 360DPI & area 2892 x 4125 pixels.