Liberty BASIC Community Wiki

This is a site for Liberty BASIC code, tips, and resources that any member of the community can edit. This is also an excellent place to host Liberty BASIC open source software projects.

This site is constantly developing - be sure to see what's new!

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If you are a Liberty BASIC programmer, we'd be delighted if you would start a page (or two) on here and share some of your tips, secrets, or codes! :) Of course, you'll have to join first...

How to Join

You must be a member of Wikispaces and of this individual wiki to create pages. Click the "join" link in the upper left corner of this page and the staff will approve you shortly.

Editing Pages

To edit any page that does not have a 'lock' icon next to the name, select the "Edit This Page" button at the top-right of the page. Type your changes into the text editor and click the "Save" button at the right side of the texteditor toolbar.

Creating New Pages

To create a new page, select "New Page" from the left navigation pane, near the top. A dialog will appear that allows you to type a new page name. Click the "Create" button and your new page will open in the texteditor. Add your desired content and save the page.

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